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Hours GrainHours Grain is the first sister company. It is an industrial company located in Upper Egypt, in Arab El- Awammer, Asyut city.

Milling factory to produce wheat flour, 72% extraction. The mill has a production capacity of 1,100 tons/day. There is also a Semolina production line with a capacity reaching 250 tons of wheat durum per day. In addition, the company owns silos to store wheat; they can store up to 55,000 tons of wheat.

Moreover, Horus Grain Company implements the highest quality standards which are controlled by the company’s laboratory. This lab is equipped with the latest machines in accordance with the international standards for monitoring wheat and flour quality.
It also has a bakery laboratory for examining the exact flour quality used for bakery.
The sales are made inside Egypt for international companies, such as (Biscuits factories/ Bakeries/ Pasta plants). It also exports to several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Somalia.